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Gymnastical nurturance changes him ceaselessly the habit of original convention
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Gymnastical expert warning says, the habit exercises the stand or fall that do not have cent, the key is not to want to be controlled for a long time by it and be controlled, not " from one and eventually " , abandon among them cannot extricate oneself. Flat perhaps abandon all habits give up, best nurturance changes him ceaselessly the habit of original convention, nurturance " capricious " , " will not have calm " habit, let every habit can be on person benign loop, change constantly, those who become human body health " good associate " .
Additional, change exercising intensity and time, also be a respect of athletic diversification. Every motion uses different muscle, or use the muscle that is the same as place with different kind, athletic diversification can be more comprehensive the ground makes healthy. If the first day is done,take exercise adagio for long, should shorten the following day time, increase strength.

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