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Canadian firework section " Chinese day " celebration begins formally
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The part of fireworks of the 23rd international this year comes to was held in the La Ronde pleasure ground of Montreal on July 28 from June 20, china, France, England, Spain, Germany, United States, Mexico and Canada played current firework part respectively, before attracting hundred thousands of tourist every year, go to watch.
Was on July 11 " Chinese day " , that evening, person wave touchs large pleasure ground of Montreal La Ronde. After dusk summer rain passes, the earth is clean all the more, air is fresh, leaf light green. The Chinese dragon between a red Huang Xiang appears suddenly around the arena on LaRonde water, attracting come and go the look of numerous tourist. Ace of kongfu of a few foreign citizen of Chinese origin is waving this China dragon to move back and forth in the pedestrian, pulled open 2007 LaRonde " Chinese night " prelusive. Group of art of Montreal Hua Yun performed pure and fresh China song and dance.
Late 9:30, firework section " Chinese day " celebration begins formally, huang Huikang does sth for sb to appearance on invitation when China is stationed in Canadian embassy to face speech, the beauty of Montreal of his highly praise, introduced Hong Kong to return to 10 years the preparative circumstance of 2008 Olympic Games of an obtains result and Beijing. Day of Chinese Hong Kong is held to thanks during just be worth Hong Kong to return to 10 years to sponsorring, he welcomes the arrival of team of firework of Chinese Hong Kong ardently, wish they obtain exceedingly good result in section of this international firework, the win honour for that it is a country. Huang Dai does ebullient speech to win on full-court 10 thousand audiences to be like Lei Ban's applause. Full-court audience stands up after the speech, accompany in magnificent Chinese national anthem below, the Five-Star Red Flag of one side China rises to be in gradually lake face in the sky.

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