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Basketball removes glissade to defend technology
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Removing glissade to defend is an aggressiveness is stronger defend mobile technology, from hunger of the person that defend when purpose of the other side ahead or some direction are broken through when, the person that defend is used remove glissade to control the other side, forcibly occupy has interest position, destroy its to break through a course.
The linchpin that removes glissade is: The step that removes a condition and pace fast, remove the pace frequency of the direction of the pace and follow-up glissade, and the control of body centre of gravity. The step that removes a condition wants big, pace fast want fast, in order to obtain position of banner forcibly occupy (remove a condition ambitious cross the moment that give in the other side a bit ahead) , control and destroy the other side to break through the purpose of the course. To increase the step that removes a condition, the movement that remove a condition should be rotational dot with hip joint, the vertical axis that makes the pelvis circles a side hip joint makes side direction roll, increase the step of the first pace, the ham that removes pace leg at the same time is accompanied on sufficient abducent foundation with coming back moderately outside, withdraw the step of the pace in order to increase. The way that removes a condition should be decided according to the circumstance of adversary, ordinary control is in the way that becomes 45 degrees of part with breakthrough course, point of view is too old, cause easily hold back foul, angle is too small, do not control adversary, make the condition is removed after removing glissade to become. The pace frequency of follow-up glissade wants fast, follow-up pace wants fast pedal land, accompany those who have fixed rate to grind turn, in touchdown of the foot that remove a condition the instant, want to follow quickly, slide to mobile direction, maintain defended basic pose, the maneuverability that moves in order to make sure sequel defends and flexibility. Bend one's knees should maintain when removing glissade, the upper part of the body a bit the body pose of pitch, cannot because remove a condition and tilting back ward thing upper part of the body, as a result loses the control that balances to the body.

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