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The journey plans the choice that pledges with material of outdoors sleeping bag
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Of the sleeping bag that at present city makes work by material qualitative cent is eider down and synthetic fibre sleeping bag (saying normally is) of cotton sleeping bag.
Eider down sleeping bag: The material of eider down can be divided again character wait for cloth with soft nap of white goose down, white duck's down, grey duck's down, water bird. The heat preservation of every unit weight is spent is to have the effect most, eider down sleeping bag is warmer, easy extruding, easy carry original state, operating period is longer, adverse element is price cost taller, the meeting is bibulous.
Synthetic fibre sleeping bag: Of synthetic fibre fight wet sex relatively beautiful and wet sleeping bag still tenability heat preservation is spent, fast male, low price, but the eider down sleeping bag of class of a bit heavy Wu Tong, bad extruding and backfill relatively occupy knapsack space, service life is briefer, synthetic fibre divides kind of different fiber.
Clutch sleeping bag of cloth with soft nap: Use catch fine hair (Fleece) tailor and into, can regard the summer as sleeping bag or wholesome sleeping bag alone. Also can cooperate other sleeping bag to be used in winter, in order to enhance heat preservation result. According to time experience, - 3 degrees sleeping bag, effect of the heat preservation after adding the sleeping bag that catch fine hair can be amounted to - 10 degrees or so.

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