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Introduce a few kinds of fitness simply implement different function
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Gymnastical car this is a kind of fitness equipment that suits men and women to oxygen moves very much, can exercise the person's cardiovascular system effectively.
Be good at ride machine this is can make the muscle of 80% and joint enter the whole body at the same time one kind the equipment of a kind of rare of motion, it besides can exercise systemic muscle and joint besides, the nerve that still can exercise a person effectively coordinates ability.
Machine of walk with vigorous strides basically undertakes taking exercise in the light of double leg, can raise bicrural muscle not only force and enhance ability of leg ministry joint, return the bone density that can increase double shank bone, prevent osteoporosis.
Row machine the extend muscle that can exercise a person effectively group, take exercise to what the waist carries on the back particularly apparent, can alleviate the waist carries ache on the back.

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