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Endurance training can promote the biggest oxygen to use rate
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Differ as a result of what train means, after period of time, human body can train means to produce different reaction to these two kinds. Generally speaking, endurance training can promote the biggest oxygen to use rate, increase a heart to output haemal ability on one hand, with the amount of capillary, make inside proper time, arrive at sarcous blood quantity to increase, and can supply more oxygen to be used for muscle, the system of route of the bead in adding muscle at the same time and responsible oxidation nutrient, ferment that provides energy is active, make muscle can the more businesslike oxygen in using blood, in order to have the energy that the means of oxygen provides the place in motion to need, and the generation that reduces lactic acid and accumulation, slow down muscle produces fatigue phenomenon, can maintain particular athletic strength for long. But occasionally endurance training can reduce sarcous intensity, and grow to promoting muscle and do not have apparent effect.
On the other hand, weight training causes the addition of muscle strength, stimulative muscle grows and increase, but did not increase bead gland body and oxidation ferment, also grow without stimulative capillary, make these responsible the material of system having oxygen is reduced in the chroma in muscle, so pure weight training cannot help staying power model motion.

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