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Use the stability that balances dish of training body
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The movement that trains body stability has a lot of, include bare-handed with use tool, gymnastical ball is a kind of tool that uses generally. But what this we introduce for everybody is another kind of special training tool, make a balance dish (DynaDisc) .
Evenly dish the material that make follows gymnastical ball same, 14 inches of size, have 4 kinds of color (green, blue, red, yellow) , its bear ability is quite breathtaking also, every square inch can bear the weight of 2000 pounds. Current, its importance and advantage already were professional sport and place of rehabilitation medical treatment to be known gradually.
Use balance dish the purpose is to let disciplinarian undertake taking exercise below the condition with lopsided body, because lie when the body when not stable condition, the muscle that needs to employ is met more (especially) of celiac horizontal flesh, the balance that improves the body thereby stabilizes ability. In the balance dish on exercise the sitting position that can have cycle, station appearance or lie on one's back exercise.

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