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HIP-HOP is in gym hurricane
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In major strong and handsome in the daily training that holds an athlete, commonly used the integrated quality such as strength of the harmonious sex that this kind of HIP-HOP will come to train an athlete, show, also meet those who make a show use sometimes. The explicit expression in street dance is fashionable, athletic intensity moderate, so it enters gym to become a possibility. The street dance that does not cross gym pays attention to his more on behavioral choice security, exercise value, health to reach individual character to behave force up, the person that practice so is being used up adipose while, also alleviated mental pressure. The action since the psychological place of the person that my individual thinks the HIP-HOP in gym practices to adjusting is more outstanding. Accordingly, have person for " it is the movement that only allows a person to taking smile to undertake training " .
The classification of street dance has:
Hip Hop is people most a kind of dancing that often contacts, it is having range is big and simple steps, can show mixed dance feeling. Because learn easily, start will also comparative good-looking, so very suffer the masses to love.
Mechanical dance, use the body the muscle of each place and joint, as musical metre, add oneself rich fancy, innovation goes surprising steps. Belong to the street dance type with more expensive difficulty.
Break dance, also be the steps with a kind of taller difficulty, substantially can divide for two kinds of types: Rotate on the ground with hand, head, body, call big floor board; Go up with limbs tread out is complex footstep movement of change, add the handstand of artful, call small floor board. Of course, dance while also can match at will the motion that you consider to behave.

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