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Diving project belongs to skill dominant kind difficult beautiful sex group
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Diving project belongs to skill dominant kind difficult beautiful sex group, have to the athlete's function, quality strict and special requirement. Develop ceaselessly as diving technology, time of fine athlete grow into useful timber is shorter and shorter, the age of world champion is smaller and smaller also, fine athlete function, quality has without new change, have without new characteristic, this also is one of issues that this research wants to discuss. At the same time the hope passes the analysis of feature of function of outstanding to our country diver, quality, made clear function of our country outstanding diver, quality the limits of the characteristic of each index and outstanding standard, provide scientific basis for diving select material and training.
The diver's delicacy and harmonious sex diving are one reflects beautiful, alarmingly dangerous, skillful campaign, have very high demand to the athlete's sensitivity and harmonious sex, also a lot of coaches and expert think delicacy and harmonious sex are one of the diver's mainest ability even. The quality such as some player force, speed is very good, behavioral difficulty is great, dan Lingmin coordinates a gender bad, the movement that finish is very loath, the movement is not beautiful, accuracy is poor also, cannot get tall cent likewise. In this second test, requirement team member changes quickly continuously inside 30 seconds to jump, behavioral rate is rapid, brains reaction is sharp, the body is even accurate reach the designated position. The test shows as a result, group of nation of male and female is accurate finished time wants team of over province city, the result has notable difference, the exact number that finish also wants world champion team of over province city, result difference also has significance. Accordingly, can think fine diving athlete has more acute, more harmonious fitness.

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