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Visit district person 09 Chun Xia products are recommended
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Visit district person 09 Chun Xia products lose by force to distribute all products into 3 old series according to the function first, it is EXTREME limit respectively (exploration • limit) series; WEALD moor (viatic • is outdoors) series; CITY city (urban • is recreational) series. Product of EXTREME limit series is the product outside the specialist, contain Troy tall, its are high-powered fabrics, the making craft of high-tech content, excellent stereo clipping, considerate detail is designed, it is the first selection that seeks outstanding character and acme experience; WEALD moor series is a company advocate make a product, this series product is to be lover of activity of short-term travel, outdoors bivouac only people the design makes, more use functional sex fabrics, use the fashionable element of current popularity, blend in the color of nature of press close to, those who stress a product is multi-purpose the need that can satisfy a variety of activities what the gender makes.
Moor series product is the good choice of outdoors sport activity; Product of CITY city series satisfies the job recreational and dual requirement, local function detail is designed, basically emphasize the comfortable sex of dress, the design of active style, form the poor dissimilation of as recreational as traditional city outfit and advantage.

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