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Scooter play a unique skills
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I do not know when to start, many of the students are hooked on skateboarding car, my daughter is no exception, beginning of the year that happened to have a favorite long scooters. However, when bought back to the scooter, skate board daughter can not stand, but could not withstand the temptation, he sat in a scooter. She really did not expect to find a sense of the car her legs on the skateboard , Then by his hands to push forward scooters. She looks like trouble with walking, sitting on a skateboard man --- very funny. Through constant practice, she even learned to sit and play the scooters, not only before the trip, even the turning movements are very skilled. Watched her play, actually feel beautiful, very smooth, so the play several little friends to the house Friends want to learn her daughter's play, but did not learn. Then her daughter learned to play standing scooter, but she has from time to time to show what her unique skills! During the National Day, a family of three brothers from Xiamen vacation to visit relatives back home in Chaoyang, who just turned 5 years old niece is always followed with Pidianpidian cousin back, to play with her cousin. One night, we adults in the living room drinking tea Chat, I saw her out of her scooter, she first sat in a scooter, and then called his cousin sitting opposite her, then her cousin's legs on his lap, the last she resorted to unique skills , with a cousin Slide the car sitting in the living room and dining room in between the shuttle, the cousin happy "Lolo Luo" to laughing ... ...
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