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Cell vehicles hit the road skateboarding taken to court awarded
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At 17 o'clock on July 9, 2010, Zhu drive light vans, from south to north along the Li River District Court Pi Rd road to the intersection within a left turn when the road in the district play with the scooters Liu ( 2001 students) collided, causing injuries Liu. Luan Municipal Public Security Bureau of the accident by the traffic police brigade finds, Zhu and Liu bear equal responsibility for the accident. Liu on July 9, 2010 to September 9, 2010 at the Second People's Hospital Lu'an treatment, payment of medical expenses 1,032 yuan. October 9, 2010, after the identification of forensic Wanxi Luan, constitute nine disabled plaintiff to pay the appraisal fee 600 yuan; November 13, 2010, after the insurance company to apply for, Anhui Palit forensic identification of the re- , the plaintiff constitutes ten disabled. Truck accident insurance companies in the delivery of a strong insurance and non-commercial third party liability insurance deductible 200,000 yuan. The accident occurred in the insurance period. Liu, after the accident without compensation, prosecution to the District People's Court Lu'an Yu'an. After the court hearing, Liu access to health, care, hospital food subsidies total of 41,106.6 yuan of compensation fees.
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