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Motor-car of Ford threaten report will be beaten all can replace fuel car
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On September 5, 2008 message, the car fuel in manufacturer of how many car has how many tentative idea and the sources of energy supply program, internal-combustion engine of such as hydrogen, hydrogenous fuel cell, alcohol, mixture motivation, mixture motivation of the type that plug phone and more is out of shape. Ford thinks these are excessive forms, final fuel type has only, that is electric power.

The Kekuzake in heart of chief inspector of whole world of Ford product research and development thinks electric driving force is unified all over the world, because this electric power is the ultimate solution of prospective fuel problem. He says to if hydrogen can not allow to be made easily with alcohol,can replace fuel take; Even if is this obstacle was overcome finally, what the infrastructure circumstance of these two kinds of fuel also is inferior to electric power is perfect.

Kuzake discloses say even if these two kinds of fuel have afore-mentioned inadequacy, ford still should intensify research and development, because what can perhaps have,be broken through or governmental interpose. Benefit of law of Jim of Ford sale president also thinks electric car is prospective choice, and this automobile industry should be this ready-made.

Although mix motor vehicle to have drive of partial electric power,Kuzake thinks, their issue is very outstanding still, because the car has two independent drive systems actually, the result is cost very exalted and efficiency however to it disproportionate. Even if the internal-combustion engine that shows the type plugging phone of some and future to mix motor vehicle also want to depend on some kind of form, so that extend electric power,supply.

And this also the place that just is soft costal region of Ford batteries technology. Existing technical condition makes electric car must be added outfit is additional fuel supplies a system in order to deal with Sunday run travel need.

Say so, the plan of Ford is at the same time system of storage of fuel of research and development, no matter be why to be planted,pay close attention to at the same time the electric power drive of the sources of energy, this is Ford the core of program of newest research and development. These include motor, brake energy recovers, and fast, mix effectively release a large number of electric energy safely to make the acceleration of the car can idealer.

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