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The person that new York area commutes by bicycle year all grow 19.6%
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On August 28, " economic daily " the 14th edition (round-the-world market) the market was published to observe bicycle of “ United States sells amplitude in the column the article of remarkable ” .

It is reported, a findings report that not long ago of American bicycle chamber of commerce publishs points out, shoot up in view of oil price, more and more people of nowadays United States abandon a car and change by bicycle, drove a bicycle to trade directly, make the business of the bicycle tends prosperous, will nearly 3 years sold the amount that give every year to achieve 18 million record-breaking. This chamber of commerce carries out director to overcome Laimenci to say, the bicycle shop of American each district came out of late the message of sale increase sharply, operator values bicycle market prospect in succession, order increases considerably.

Make the best use of the circumstances of alliance of American bicycle hand, decision promotion “ goes to work by bike day ” activity, more American join the call this cavalcade. This alliance predicts, the American that goes to work by bicycle this year will be achieved new tall. According to statistic, be less than the American of 1% to choose to go to work by bicycle only at present. However, face reside the oil price that does not leave high, more and more American begin to consider to change to go out by bicycle row. Accordingly since this year, amplitude of American bicycle sale is remarkable.

Current, alliance of American bicycle hand is planning receive annual “9•22 world not to have car day ” , make clear to the country with most car is had to also be in on this American world with this follow closely tide, drive bicycle traffic with unprecedented scale. " new York Times " report, go 5 years, the person that new York area commutes by bicycle year all grow 19.6% .

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