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9 years put into production is about to be in motor-car of Si Balu pure report C
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In earthly energy resources nervous with each passing day, the nowadays that ceaseless violent wind raises gas price, people is in car of choose and buy when more and more the model with apt energy-saving environmental protection. Meanwhile, each old car manufacturer also threw more energy to develop diminutive energy-saving car, mix motor vehicle, electric car to come out in succession for a short while the market that grab a beach. Si Balu serves as come from the Japanese car manufacturer that proposes energy-saving state, won't be in likewise the development of second respect, si Balu will 2009 put into production a pure dynamoelectric and small-sized car, will sell in home market.

Si Balu car (China) the president of limited company is big gentleman of wild an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions, the near future expresses when accepting media to interview, the small-sized report motor-car that fixed position uses between town appeared on the market in Japan 2009 after the sale, will push to the whole world that includes China to wait for a country inside main market. Big wild an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions expresses, motor-car of this small-sized report weighs labour and Japanese power company to undertake developing jointly by parent company Fuji of Sibalu.

Si Balu R1e is to be based on what R1 designs to having same size at R1, this R1e is pure dynamoelectric model is OK travel 50 miles (add up to 80 kilometers about) course of development, highest speed per hour is 62 miles / hour (about 100 kilometers / hour) . Tokyo power company is mixed according to the business of itself the norms that takes electric car of Wu demand formulate, fuji weighs labour to be in charge of develop and be being made.

The lithium ion accumulator that assembles on Si Balu R1e is accumulator of a kind of compact type, piece batteries group is made after the monomer batteries of shape form folds a layer to assemble, use manganese fastens a metal to make positive electrode. This kind of accumulator has a structure the characteristic with compact simple craft, it is good to because come loose,heat up a gender, 12 years can be used below Che Zaihuan condition or 100 thousand kilometer.

The price of motor-car of report of R1e of this Si Balu will be announced 2009, fuji weighs labour to express to hope to be in perhaps fell the price of this car 2013 2012 17, 500 dollars (add up to a RMB about 127, 831 yuan) . When lithium ion batteries is mass-produced, the price of this car still will fall 13, 000 dollars (add up to a RMB about 94, 960 yuan) . Although the journey of 80 kilometers can't let a person produce awe-stricken feeling, but the complement that the batteries troop that this car place deploys can finish 80% n inside 8 minutes only is finished 10 minutes charge.

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