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Brazilian emperor Paul: Subway station rolls out a bicycle rental business
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Arrange of environment of city of Brazilian emperor Paul announced a few days ago, this arrange will cooperate with subway company, roll out a bicycle at standing in this city subway at the end of this month rental business.

Arrange of environment of holy Paul city expresses, first subway station that rolls out rental business shares 8, the client uses bicycle of credit card hire, before half hour is used freely, collect fees hourly later 2 Leiyaer (1 dollar closes about 1.65 Leiyaer) . The client can stand to 8 subways medium any remands bicycle. After two months, this business stands promotion to other subway.

In addition, arrange of environment of holy Paul city still plans to add a bicycle inside whole town limits special path, strive to add special line 1000 kilometers from existing 4.5 kilometers inside 10 years.

Population of holy Paul city exceeds 10 million, have many 500 car. According to estimation, the pecuniary loss that blocks a car up to be caused every year to holy Paul citizen is as high as 4.1 billion Leiyaer.

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