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Oil price rises make new York arisen wait for express business by bicycle
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According to " new York Times " report, because oil price rises, those support motor vehicle come to new York the express company of the business that finish is standing enormous pressure, because they are sufferring the concussion of those express companies that will begin professional work with bicycle or tricycle.

The member that have one fraction express delivery at present cycles deliver goods, this number still is rising, they go up in bicycle or tricycle jacket case and splint, this can lade the goods with about a hundred heavy pound. The boss of an express company discloses Manhadu, the 80% carriage that will be finished formerly with the lorry can be finished now with the bicycle, and business of its two-men express compared with will grow 20% last year. Such cycling express business with low-cost will attract a customer, also answered the catchword of environmental protection at the same time.

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