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The prospective science and technology that day produces is OK the electric moto
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The traffic that who says to day produces a company to manufacture is 4 wheel? What we want respecting below is a two rounds day produces dynamoelectric concept car. Have the stylist Shane Crozier of lead thinking, the design gave this notional car that is similar to a bicycle.

Although car of this dynamoelectric concept looks medium the quadrature in compasses, but its driving a way is varied however. No matter you are thin leg sideslip, forward still or it is OK to slip backward, you can imagine it turn to a system to be before your.

Stylist Shane Crozier expresses, car of this dynamoelectric concept is to be a Japanese girl that the name stays in around Tokyo for Makiko and of the design. The economic capacity with Makiko cannot burden the charge of a car, devised this dynamoelectric idea for her designedly for this stylist Shane Crozier.

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