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London rides a bicycle custom is not little " equipment " the demand is high als
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On September 2, " daily of the first finance and economics " the article that published “ Ying Lun to be bicycle mad ” .

According to the report, leave to return London afresh after two many months, special line added the bicycle that discovers a street to go up again many, what have odd roadway only originally is narrow narrow driveway, become more ” of “ thin body. Special driveway is uniform green be paintinged, very naturally is transmitting environmental protection concept. Associate to the Beijing Olympic Games that just ends, england is by the bicycle the project is obtained 8 in 19 gold gross, really Ying Lun of a kind of “ is the feeling of bicycle mad ” .

Nowadays, the bicycle appears more like the pronoun that is environmental protection, oil price went up again, road more and more, everyday still those who be as high as 8 pound buy road money ” into city “ , all these lets more all along “ advocates the economical ” , Londoner choice that shows loving care for the earth is given priority to with the bicycle should give a tool. Ride a bicycle in London custom is not little still, demand of “ equipment ” is high also, must adorn for instance helmet, bicycle around must have glance device or lamp of installation night travel, assure nightly drive a vehicle, the car on the road and other personnel can be clear at a glance; Road is again narrow, in go into the street to go up to all be belonged to by bike along footpath violate highway code. Nevertheless, bicycle and person enjoy travel road lien euqally, no matter why be planted circumstance, the car always must let.

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