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Motorcade of British proper motion ascends an a list of names posted up of a lis
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Cycle track was in field of Beijing Olympic Games on August 19 Laoshan bicycle shop falls next heavy curtain. That day, motorcade of British proper motion with 7 gold the achievement of 2 copper of 3 silver ascends an a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of ground bicycle gold head. British team just still wins two gold in Athens 4 years ago one silver one copper, and world bright and beautiful surpasses the field this year March to carry off 9 gold, take 7 in below 10 gold in the with one action on the Olympic Games August again.

It is reported, observe on cycle track field careful audience can discover, compare with other player photograph, the dress that British athlete wears is close-fitting closer. The “ state that British team is all the time before the special contest of gown ” takes battle of skin of person of this kind of “ that be called to be surpassed in the Olympic Games is private ” . Only Bodeman mixes champion of bound of director of center of British bicycle research and development, preexistence his group, know the raw material of this kind of dress and design program.

According to introducing, this kind can the ” of gown of battle of “ person skin of “ breath ” is OK utmost ground reduces a player riding a medium wind resistance, it is the most advanced bicycle race dress on eye preexistence bound. The match of British bicycle player uses the product that the car is new generation more, every value is as high as 10 thousand pound, these money can buy in Chinese inland intermediate sedan. The basis that new generation match uses a bicycle is alloy of new synthesis carbon, truckload comprise by 250 many component, exact extent can be the same as the scientific instrument of the lab completely to rival.

As we have learned, remarkable success comes from the perfect union of machinery and person. His match uses British player the car is the body condition design according to the individual: The size of the accident of the height of saddle, handle, foot step, agree with the athlete, ” of flawless of “ of it may be said. In addition, they each the competition that him promising estimates a foot to have something made to order uses a shoe. The foot step photograph of this kind of shoe and racing bicycle agrees, in the enormous pressure in the player can bearing to ride a process while dress is comfortable.

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