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American los angeles city " bicycle a group of things with common features " gro
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Oil price is rising, traffic is embraced wait for a series of problems, the resident that allows a lot of developed countries begins to choose a bicycle afresh. Be in los angeles city of the United States, as a result of “ bicycle a group of things with common features of ” grow considerably, they begin to ask bicycle of governmental open up is special driveway, ensure a travel is safe.

The bicycle gens of los angeles people emphasize, look from pragmatic point of view, cross in the city everyday, commute especially height period of time, often compare by bicycle drive the car is more convenient, smooth, already spare time economic save worry. Especially to the youth, abandon a car choosing a bicycle to still mean the way of life that pursues health, good environmental protection. Still have a few youths even regard the fashion with the most popular nowadays by bicycle, because they discover,still let oneself raise “ to turn round to lead ” by bicycle on the road. As the strength of bicycle gens, a lot of people appeal the government concerns a branch to go out to give all right to choosing to ride a bicycle encourage and support. They put forward, it is those who assure bicycle gens to give a safety and advantage, door of the Ministry of Communication should be in the city, especially a few traffic open a bicycle on busy a sector of an area and the freeway with circumjacent city special driveway, increase convenient bicycle to give the public facilities of travel at the same time, add the frame that deposits a bicycle around subway station for example, make sure the bicycle deposits safety to wait.

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