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Brazil produces the small commodities such as the bicycle to increase to China t
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Brazilian government raises those who turn over dumping custom duty quickly a few days ago to use frequency, if its arrange almsgiver is aimed at the product of China and India. Academy of Department of Commerce has noticed this issue about the expert, square personnel should adopt more positive step to answer in the proposal, vigilant Latin America is other national chain-reacting.

The message that comes from Reuter says, the data of Brazilian industry and trade department shows: Inside a year of time before this year July, brazil was employed in 20 cases turn over dumping custom duty, and Duan Li is the same time before 5 cases only.

Expert of trade of Latin America of academy of Department of Commerce installs Bao Jun to express to the reporter, having ten cases in employing 20 cases that return dumping custom duty is aimed at China, the Chinese product that is added to turn over dumping custom duty basically is centered in the small commodities such as bicycle, electric welding, “ basically is the product that a few both sides have across, these products will be right ethical industry of place produces an effect, and the product of new and high needle is Brazilian need, not be so in this limits. ”

An Baojun thinks, increase turn over dumping custom duty to be affected to the bilateral trade of China and Brazil too won't big, because of the product that involves after all not much. Basically be to want vigilant Brazil to add the chain effect that combats dumping custom duty to bring, bring about the country such as Mexico, Argentina to also be tasted to Chinese exporter make chain-reacting. This problem is in “ Latin America is very general. ”

An Baojun suggests China wants actively to answer turn over dumping custom duty, attend custom duty meeting of Brazil more, demonstrate our attitude, judgment by default is equal to even if lost a lawsuit, although belong to bilateral responsibility to reduce a few custom duty possibly also, also be advantageous to us. We are opposite “ in last few years the export growth of Latin America is very rapid, amplitude achieves 40% ~ 60% , especially Brazil, and the exit amplitude to other country just 20% the left and right sides. ” An Baojun thinks, this is Brazil adds the crucial account that turns over dumping custom duty suddenly this year.

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