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Reveal human care special crowd is general and dynamoelectric the car uncovers s
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To old people and physical disabilities personage, go out to always can feel to have such and such inconvenience, because do not have the car that designs technically for them already, the other that also changes without human nature rides by the tool. Stylist Ji-Hoon Hong is planted according to this state, the design gave motor-car of a current report, have adjustable seat, lamp of clew of safe car end, reach its human nature to change.

If old people and physical disabilities personage had this report motor-car, with respect to the help that need not need another person, go out at any time. The design that human nature changes, can gain more advantage. Of course, although the design of this product is very absorbing, also can bring very big deviate for special group really, but it still must enter a store above all.

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