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Paris " bicycle freedom rides " add again civilian act
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Xinhua net Paris on August 27 report: Freedom of Parisian “ bicycle rides ” to hire a car to serve to had been rolled out one year superabundant, offer more advantage to give the person that use, opened a mobile phone to inquire a service again recently.

According to message of website of Parisian municipal government, through the mobile phone inquiry serves, “ bicycle freedom rides ” user to be able to get is apart from his located the car of the dot renting a car with the closest position and car the information such as the state, hire for the user thereby, return a bicycle to offer more advantage.

As we have learned, since “ bicycle freedom rides ” to be rolled out from July 15, 2007, alleviated effectively traffic pressure, reduced environmental pollution. At present Parisian street already had 16 thousand bicycles to offer people rent, the Parisian citizen of hire bicycle and each country tourist already amounted to 25 million person-time. Parisian municipal government achieved the earnings of 30 million euro from which.

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