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Argentina is broken acute hearing bicycle female athlete plays the game by right
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Du Tuo of • of Ma of Argentine bicycle female athlete is 21 years old, she what lost the aural comprehension of 98% attends Beijing Olympic Games alone, what she attends is the truckle car contest that regards the Olympic Games as formal match project first fast contest, on August 21 because this final suffers moderate rain to affect delay to come 22 days, and the circuit that she also can set foot on field of Laoshan cycle track that day.

It is reported, du Tuo is in two years old when be diagnosed to be by the doctor break acute hearing. When Du Tuo plays the game before, her father can be accompanied in the left and right sides. Especially when the match, the back that father needs to pat her when opening contest gives her hint. Come to China this journey is too distant, du Tuo can set foot on the journey alone only. On Beijing Olympic Games, the Du Tuo that advanced technical equipment helped her solve audition problem —— not to hear chirp news can depend on indicator light completely to play the game.

The other athlete of motorcade of Argentine proper motion special to her also take care of, just capture in race of bicycle of Beijing Olympic Games especially the Kuluqiete of gold, care like the daughter to her more.

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