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Tokyo will build 200 to fill a power station to popularize electric car
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Tokyo power company (next weighing east report) announced a few days ago, will be the first participate in the fundamental construction that popularizes electric car, will build first in the capital next year 200 many fill a power station, 1000 above will increase after 3 years.

Report is the Japan that has close and companionate concern with each old car manufacturer east company of the greatest electric power. Not long ago, it develops large and fast charger successfully, make charge time shortens greatly, raised Japan to popularize the possibility of use report motor-car further.

Report points out east, every 10 minutes complete charge, electric car can the distance of travel is 60 kilometers. When the person that drive to go to the lavatory goes into the street, also can charge, must build a project to drive through a large fundamental facility. Meanwhile, report also announces to be based on the consideration of the reason such as environmental protection, economy east, will introduce 3000 report motor-car to regard as do business, service utility.

Every establish a charger place to require cost is 4 million yen () of about 250 thousand yuan of RMBs. The public inland add such as the supermarket parking lot that this company prepares to be in Japan, convenience inn and post office builds charger facility, make people is in get off shop, car complement power supply can allow when handling affairs.

Below the situation that at present oil price does not stabilize continuously, the Japanese illicit look forward to that takes off oil ” to be interested to “ and orgnaization increase. If the deliver goods of the supermarket serves, the post office order in succession, preparation uses electric car in next year.

Japanese main Motor Corporation, if this Feng Tian, cropland, day is produced,reach 3 water chestnut to wait to already announced in succession, introduce to will electric inside these 9 years car the market. Preparation of company of 3 water chestnut rolls out electric car with price of ” of “ in a popular style in next year second half of the year, more let all circles generate strong interest to car of this one precursory environmental protection.

Research report shows, travel of use report motor-car one kilometer road, needs fee compares benzine car but petty gain arrives 80% to 90% . And 70% the carbon dioxide quantity of its place eduction is average car. Japanese automobile industry thinks, electric car suits city model drive, predict to want to charge only fundamental facility is complete, can be accepted very quickly by average consumer.

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