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Daimule and heart energy company prepare to establish electric car charges estab
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According to Germany " financial times " (FinancialTimesDeutschland) report, these two companies plan to build 500 to fill a power station in Berlin above all, of the Smart report motor-car that is about to put in in order to satisfy and other and electric car charge demand. It is reported, fill a power station to charge rate is every time 2 euro, this returns dispute to often have appeal to urban commuter. But, because produce,this report points out cost is exorbitant, wear Mu to strap Smart report motor-car first yield can be 150 only, final plan crop also is controlled with respect to 1000. Before, motor-car of report of Smart lithium ion had had field trial in London.

Day of Reynolds of this collaboration plan produces Daimule the item of “ProjectBetterPlace” report motor-car that participate in is similar, aim each big city promotion uses electric car. “ProjectBetterPlace” predicts to was in Israel and Denmark to sell many report motor-car 2011.

The only way that reduces electric car cost at present is to raise yield in order to increase dimensions economic benefits.

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