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ZENN of Canadian report motor-car landed Europe 2010
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ZENN CEO Ian Clifford is accepting Peng rich news (when Bloomberg) is visited, express, they will grind 2010 give out more the electric car of pound, the name is CityZENN. Can choose European head hair, because place obtains evidence,be the rate that reflect is rapidder, he also plans to roll out 4 people at the same time the ZENN report motor-car with lorry version.

CityZENN highest speed per hour can amount to 125 kilometers, the endurance after charging every time is 400 kilometers, the technology of place application comes from the EEStor of company of science and technology of California. With “ 0 exhaust emission are measured, wear without noise ” the ZENN report motor-car that say is basic paragraph, at present ask a price is controlled in 16000 dollars about. The car can charge through electrical outlet of general family expenses, steam speed is spent and use air conditioning two elements, what can affect endurance is abiding degree.

ZENN report motor-car does not need special maintain, need to time only clean window and change brake oil is OK. The identity that Clifford goes is many adopt much posture, he is cameraman, also be magnate of science and technology, spent electric car of ZENN of time research and development, the Microcar with France cooperates during, it is by 2006 begin formally to produce electric car at Canadian Quebec.

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