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London " Leidebuliji bicycle center " open
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According to report of reporter of Xinjiang news broadcast, on Beijing Olympic Games, the achievement in attendant cycle track project highlights England. To promote a bicycle motion is in the popularity in the citizen, it is London the Olympic Games offerred training and match establishment 2012, • of London mayor Boris writings brush abdicate announced to open London on August 19 about a new bicycle center.

It is reported, ” of strange bicycle center is located in in the cloth of “ thunder heart that 4.5 million pound builds denounce endowment east London, a the is 2 kilometers endlong annular circuit that rise, cross-country circuit and clubhouse are built after main establishment includes to demolish old circuit. New bicycle center will become London Olympic park one of 5 the greatest permanent match place the one part of ” of “ bicycle field.

As we have learned, • of London mayor Boris writings brush abdicate came to the spot, open ceremony that manages new center personally that day about. He hopes with the center open for chance, encourage citizens to ride a bike, in enlisting this campaign, come.

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