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The equipment of motorcade of British proper motion is to exceed top-ranking
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Up to on August 22, england with 18 gold the achievement of 13 copper enters 13 silver before gold a list of names posted up 3 armour. Because draw near,the times ” with best “ is terminal, the position of before England stays 3 has several days, this can be the good achievement with rare history. Because Russia of super aircraft carrier is apart from England,the times ” with worst “ is only the difference of 1 gold, very possible these two days break up dish. But whether to keep 3 armour finally without giving thought to, england already was achieved since London Olympic Games won 56 medal 1908, the history the 2nd good achievement.

According to British media coverage, be in early 2004, they started “ to revive plan ” , for this, british sports throws 2.68 billion pound to prepare for war Olympic Games of Beijing, London. Compared with Sydney Olympic Games 600 million pound is mixed Athenian Olympic Games 900 million pound, be about to undertake the England of London Olympic Games spent big original capital really 2012.

It is reported, the bicycle is lifted above all seize golden mad tide. On this project they coil madly 8 gold 4 silver 2 copper, seize number one hero of gold for British army group. We are in “ early 10 begin extensive on bicycle project investment before New Year, bicycle level of England already was in banner level on the world now. Stuff of the newspaper before Satekelifei of minister of ” England sports is surpassed says. Compare with other player photograph, the equipment of motorcade of British proper motion is to exceed top-ranking. The special contest that British players wear is taken allegedly can utmost ground reduces a player riding a medium wind resistance; The match uses a car every value is as high as 10 thousand pound, circuit trains in Mancunian bicycle complete according to Laoshan the circuit of bicycle shop rebuilds, the temperature inside field of duplicate even Beijing and humidity …… of course the player's actual strength also is the strongest on British history.

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