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Player of Olympic Games bicycle raises achievement to use Lew Racing to exceed l
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On August 12, china net science and technology (industrial information: Scientific news) player of “ Olympic Games published to improve result in the column 12 a magic weapon: Exceed the article of ” of wheel of light proper motion.

According to the United States " connect a line " magazine story, use birchen branch as from primitive since lance, science and technology is urging the end of athlete achievement all the time. Beijing Olympic Games and won't have different place before, athlete of swimmer, bicycle, even the gymnast argues the merit that achieve beautiful in the force of high-tech of have the aid of.

The United States " connect a line " the ” of 12 “ a magic weapon that the Olympic Games player that the magazine announces improves result legally is respectively: LZR swimsuit, Lew Racing exceeds light 8 spoke wheel, be able to bear or endure CAT-150 is gram Flywire running shoes, portable low oxygen tent, be able to bear or endure overcome MaxSight motion is invisible glasses, match uses refrigeration vest and be able to bear or endure face guard of thick softball bat of gram Precool vest, beautiful ferry, Respro Sportsta, be able to bear or endure gram Pidima sneaker, 2040 model happy.

It is reported, in France, let Ni - Long Ge (the welcome degree that the famous Biamusitelang spending can of Jeannie Longo) is in the United States, although already 49 years old, but she still lets a competitor feel nervous. Nowadays, she has two pieces of new trump card: Super- light 8 spoke wheel (before bicycle spoke is 10) the least, with the disc shape wheel that calls “Disc Cranked Arrow” .

As we have learned, the bicycle is designed by Paul Lew Racing, 8 spoke wheel is not the most durable wheel, it designs the length that is used at finishing circuit merely, be like Michael Er - Johnson is in a suit of armour on Atlanta Olympic Games was able to bear or endure 1996 the go into work that overcome unlined upper garment is same. The characteristic of wheel of “Disc Cranked Arrow” is rim is carbon / boracic material, it is the proper motion wheel with the best aerodynamics on the world, also be the weight of the lightest —— of proper motion wheel on the world has 730 grams only.

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