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Spanish bicycle the hand carries off " the first " scandal of exemple a shot in
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International Olympic committee announced on August 11, nuo of • Mo Li is in Maria of Spanish bicycle player be used to close to red blood cell makes element by discovery in examination of Olympic Games a shot in the arm (EPO) , had been cancelled to take part in the match qualification, she is a shot in the arm of Beijing Olympic Games in the examination the first is discovered electropositive player.

Davis of spokesman of news of international Olympic committee says, international Olympic committee was opposite in be checked outside the contest of Olympic Games village on July 31 Molinuo undertook checking, that evening Molinuo leaves China, the examination has not come out as a result in those days. Usually, the athlete uses EPO to be faced with two years to ban contest, according to the new regulation of international Olympic committee, she will not attend issue an Olympic Games. Molinuo of 27 years old takes part in the match so the project is race of highway bicycle individual. The Beijing Olympic Games that international Olympic committee decides to cancel Molinuo takes part in the match qualification, ask international bicycle alliance undertakes condemnatory to her.

As we have learned, EPO is the English abbreviation that closes to red blood cell makes element, EPO regards albumen of a kind of candy as hormone, can improve the result of endurance athlete, can make haemoglobin rises inside 120 days after be being used even.

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