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Parisian popularity is dynamoelectric bicycle
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Be in Paris recently, as a result of the pressure of high oil price, the vehicle of energy-saving environmental protection also was heated up rise. Whats is these energy-saving tools looking in light of us.

Luo Bade is Paris the boss that one home appliance uses bicycle store, he says this kind relies on electric power to offer dynamic bicycle not only operation convenient and be economical environmental protection. Should choose flat travel only or country travel mode, can set out easily, its specific power consumption can say compared with the capacity of bad news oil of autocycle is very little. Luobade says dynamoelectric bicycle merchant: “ 1 euro can run now 1500 kilometers, that is meant everyday expenditure is very few, although buy when money of dot wanting a flower, but it does not need the insurance on you not to need to register, do not need to pay fine more. ”

Nevertheless this kind of bicycle needs 690 euro ability to buy at least, more the dynamoelectric bicycle price of high quality can achieve two 3000 euro even, the bicycle store that links old brand of a few France now joins the range that produces dynamoelectric bicycle. According to statistic, last year France in all work off about 10000 dynamoelectric bicycles, grew 2/3 than 2006. Of popular and dynamoelectric bicycle be in not just France, predict dynamoelectric bicycle sales volume of Germany exceeds 120 thousand possibly also this year, double was last year, and sold last year in Holand went out 80 thousand 1000 9.

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