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Price of bicycle of Korea of before this year 7 months rises quickly
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On August 14, net of Department of Commerce is stationed in outside report (classics trade news: Asia) reported price of “ Korea bicycle rises urgently in the column, the information of ” of car price fall.

According to Han Lian the company reported on August 9, suffer the effect of tall look forward to of international oil price, korea is entered oneself after 2008, car price increase rate rises under prices index, and bicycle price from this year 1---July, respectively with 8.5% , 14.8% , 18.5% , 19.3% , 29.7% , the rate of 26.2% rises; As contrary as this, with Korea the price index photograph of 5.9% was compared July, ascendant inadequacy of index of Korea car price 1% , be in the posture that drops relatively.

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