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Think abdication does poineering work become a boss: Is of planning inn large b
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One, should have the preparation in the heart that calls protracted battle for a long time, the major of best union oneself and be good at, integrated oneself resource, look for accurate project, bold attempt, the mentality that just in the begining should life quality and level drop temporarily bears ability;

2, be not controlled by others opinion place, echo what other says of avoid by all means, the left and right sides sways, take oneself route seriously, be not paid attention to to the slanderous gossip of the outside, others makes carding comments natural need not serious, especially the person that those say not to work only should not return a responsibility more. Bazaar is like battlefield, tactics of the strategy in managing wants to keep secret, do not deny some people to be able to pass the means “ that stimulates you intentionally to force you speak ” relevant secret, want at this o'clock very careful;

3, firm in the begining, not everywhere make public counts on collaboration, all after standing firm, say again;

4, the successful thing of elder or other can be drawn lessons from appropriately. But cannot copy copy word for word blindly. Others success is to have person of favourable geographical position of its oneself climate and specific requirement, do not suit you certainly, want method consider the situation, find out a road that suits oneself most to come. The experience of other is to do not have method reduplicative;

5, should have passion and imagination. Former can encourage oneself to always retain a kind of enthusiasm and vigor, latter can help him overcome when it is difficult to encounter in the respect such as capital, management, sale inadequacy is mixed but carry hope and earnest wish.

6, the person that do poineering work must have eat great pain to be able to bear or endure the preparation of great work, want to have the fight that stage a comeback shrinks back not to amount to purpose swear not to stop anything but after failure. Be similar to quiet day Ceng Guofan and peace and tranquility army the ‘ when be at war repeatedly battle is defeated repeatedly, be defeated repeatedly repeatedly the spirit of battle ' , also resemble what what Huang Guangyu of beautiful electric equipment of mainland head rich nation says ever obtaining Forbes in that way, “ is not frightened by difficulty, want to go all out ceaselessly only, go doing the thing ability that others thinks to be less than to get rich. ” thinks in those days, shi Yuzhu and giant group collapse with a loud crash, must conceal one's identity, what kind is abjection with dreariness, but after a few years, north and south of great river of fashionable of ” of “ head platinum, the Shi Yuzhu that lets conceal rearward becomes the Jiao Shi of attention again, people must of the person that exclaim does poineering work tough with persistence;

7, should learn look upon the advantage of your companion and inadequacy. Face the hesitation of group member and hesitation, besides be treated with broad bosom, lay in a talent even actively, this is in in the begining especially important. Be in this socially, do not have a person to be able to succeed anyhow, do poineering work as charge forward fight, somebody is faced blast escape, someone is not returned, do not sigh at the moment, more not disappointing, because begin instantly enlarge an army, be less than at the last gasp flinch of not small talk and abandon, pass such training only, via harships see life, your ability scour off is babyish and pure, ceaseless trend matures and adept, processing problem arises meeting even more handy, rise to the occasion, till gain last victory;
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