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NOKIA interview is experienced
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1, one side when basically be the Base Knowledge that takes an examination of you, written examination is over after the technical issue of 3 pages paper (the basic idea) that what I take an examination of at that time basically is basic communication knowledge and GSM, sectional Manager can ask you question of a few technologies, if you have project experience, also can ask probably a few, but without development (this is very important, actually he can is opposite later in one side your individual experience has a preliminary knowledge, the following interview also is basically spread out around these problems. ) whole process is very easy, probably interview is controlled 30 minutes, next he can inform you go back wait for a message.

2, plainspoken come, I received employ to inform through two interview, what arrange because of the 2nd interview of Nokia is very compact, basically be full a day. The 2nd interview I am to go to different ground to go of interview, if the foreign enterprise of Nokia and so on informs you go nonlocal interview is regular meeting signs up for market cost and SamSung class above (Nokia is appointed) the accommodation of the hotel expends. After waiting for me to go to a company, discovering us is to arrange a Group one case of interview. At that time us that Group is 6 people, hear of what also have 8. Wait for everybody to arrive neat, we are done to a cubby by arrangement the Project that compose of a “ builds zoo ” , this Project returns pretty important, hr, sectional Manager and manager (foreigner of a Holand, very like santa Claus) came, the phoneticize name of everybody has been kept on blackboard, also did not have individual introduction so, next Hr introduced the Project is main task below us with English, gave time of 5 minutes to want, group of 15 minutes of time discusses and come true next. Chinese can be used in whole process, meeting somebody records this moment your expression, I know they are not the best show that want you to behave later, but should have Group Spirit, can accept the opinion of other and the view that offer oneself. After discussion end, group recommends a person to come out to do Chinese and English overview, at that time recommend a schoolgirl to tell our group, it is her a person is told (ah, listen to other group to say they are to recommend a person to use English later, a person uses Chinese) , I at that time suddenly very cowardly, in fact English also is done not have so arrogant, what to basically say so. Then Hr can ask you make a mark to whole Group, make a mark to oneself, say why you make component so next. We gave an accident that group, the first stands up the Dd of the answer made a mark to everybody unexpectedly, I am in exceeding and open-eyed under, rapid also made a mark to everybody. When asking about me later, I said my mark, the mark that I make to oneself is higher than Group mark, in fact only my person was hit so, hr is very strange ask me, why do I feel my expression is very good? I am especially other at that time embarrassed, thought I say I feel oneself can the active and active think of a way that speaks oneself, can admit the proposal of other, and hit to Group divide and making component to oneself is not to be based on same of a judge standard. Suggest so Ddmm people if want dozen of cent,had wanted why to want to make such mark to oneself surely later. Basically, the interview official of Nokia is met especially other and polite, won't aggressive, but if yourself should give him well and truly,decide. Think now or feel good at that time to lose face A. . . . . Our very open-eyed later discovery, the Mm with that best expression was not admitted, very regrettablly, nevertheless this also can see, nokia is not to ask you can be behaved much more outstanding, the right person that it wants, so interview when do not have pressure, if be yours, regular meeting is you.
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