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Duty field person learns " place a fair amount of confidence " recipe
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“ hello, it is Lucy. Kailawei? ” phone the transmits a woman sound there, “ I had put through for you Xxx. ” pause is momentary, in “ tick ” one acoustical hind, she says again: “ apologize! Xxx just received another phone …… to be excused please. ”

Play of this kind of bored power of ” of “ electrify word is again common really did not pass. Serious person does not dial number, and they want to chat to it, however so not serious person, want to be forced to await a phone to be put through.

About that Zhou Yi communicate this, its different point depends on, then the individual is not particularly important. She is a reporter only, follow me roughly same. Final, when I chat to it, I do not feel special to be willing to do her to invite the business that I do.

After that, I go out to look for an acquaintance one reinstate lunch. I appear suddenly in his office, tell downstage I came. Begin to await next, await again. Passed for ages those —— time are enough he writes a few email, make a telephone call, go wading again door of closet —— elevator opened, he strolls, look unhurried.

He is same also, playing “ I am more important than you ” this game. And I, become unsuccessful one party again it seems that.

After lunch, I go up in the way home n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine the theory that why makes life twice angry about power play and this kind of influence. Above all, I am lying in lifetime more troublesome age: Very important, so that cannot enjoy the game of others, and it is important to do not have to want oneself to play this game.

Next, in current office life, small-sized power play was acted than before more important role. Contemporary company is you to allocate official position in a great grade system no longer, so you must instead is passed play these little game, will find such place for oneself.

In the time that goes in that a week, I seek power play everywhere, discover these example can be found everywhere. Then I was summed up a few how to play “ I am more important than you the regulation of ” game, but they are the most comprehensive anything but. Everybody is playing with his means. Below enumerated, it is the guidelines of a few foundation that collects over there the person that I work beside only. These regular cent are two categories: Make main person him sensation important; And let someone else feel he is insignificant.

The majority in these regulation concerns with time: Want to win, the time that you often must show you to others is far more valuable than theirs. You busier, your diary also is full. Want often such.

·Listen attentively to: Do only listen attentively to optionally, and listen anything but when the life in others him refer. Ask such problem has compared: In Home “ how? ” but, want them to reply at the beginning only, you view the past from their shoulder instantly, the business that perhaps begins to want to do for you on your PDA lists a watch.
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