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Earn high pay " secret weapon "
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High pay backside is to always keep the study of sluggish

Character: Miss Zhu profession: Teacher of oral interpretation of institute of Shanghai foreign trade

Part-time job: Simultaneous interpretation social status: 5000~6000 yuan / 6 hours

Simultaneous interpretation is exhibit meeting property in recent years derive article. The market is at present right oral interpretation personnel, especially the demand of simultaneous interpretation is very big, open the pay that give not to poor, so gold of so-called also “ gets this line of business ” . With respect to me place contact comes down, the work that sends together belongs to ” of “ hour labour, salary is calculated with Xiaoshi, and every assemblyman everyday workload won't exceed 8 hours. It also has cheap, intermediate, high-grade branch, to it corresponding pay can differentiate for a day 6000 yuan, 7000 yuan, 8000 yuan differ, of course be like,those are the international conferences that are aimed at higher administrative levels U.N. conference. Average level is every 6 hours about 6000 yuan or so, business accounting comes down a person also has about 1000 yuan income one day.

Be being passed together is not enter the profession of travel very easily, the member that need a person has financial strength of very strong professional quality, endowment, and must train through strict simultaneous interpretation major. I know to there is an education to be about to beg personnel with the base that spread outside north must be English major graduation, through English major 8 class, had had a certain number of year the experience that is engaged in translating the job. Be in commonly become formally before be being passed together groom need to spend half an year about longer even. When I remember becoming we a batch of people go making the devil that half an year of by a definite date accepted before be being passed together train for U.N. . This industry asks our knowledge range is wide, force of meet an emergency is powerful, so oral interpretation staff must learn uninterruptedly momently, absorb the life the information of each respects, bo Wenjiang is known.

Of course, everybody has the weak place of everybody. If I short the knowledge of which respect, so the oral interpretation job of this respect is general I am not done. With respect to my oneself character, master not quite in the professional knowledge of medical respect, involve the meeting of medical domain with respect to escape when receiving work so. Want to do much preparative work before every time makes oral interpretation. For instance once, what I know to be about to translate is the thing of concerned abb textile, this is me complete unfamiliar domain, before the conference so I consulted the books and periodicals of a lot of this respects, data, consult to the personage inside course of study, make clear production of wool of a complete set of makes circuit, in meeting site to sponsor personnel to take the introduction that concern to explain, these a variety of it is to be next oral interpretation has made sufficient preparation. Do not see this one pay how inviting, actually its backside is being included more or less painstaking effort, be being passed together is not so good those who become.
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