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NO.1: English certificate

University English 4, 6 class certificate (CET-4, CET-6) : All in all;

Professional 8 class: English is only professional ability is qualified one's deceased father, but requirement of a lot of position, if translate or the assistant that foreign nationality is in charge of;

University English 4, certificate of 6 level spoken language: Letter is not vital, ability is important, the expression of interview is important;

In English advanced oral interpretation: Contain Troy very tall;

TOEFL (TOFEL) : Only the enterprise can ask about minority to whether had taken an examination of TOEFL, but can fear you work at the same time before long hind, may go abroad shirk;

Elegant think of (IELTS) : State enterprise of a few the British Commonwealth can notice you take an examination of Guo Yasai, but not be requirement absolutely;

English of Cantabrigian business affairs (BEC) : Certificate showed your English ability, still have you very academic in the university, lazy classmate won't learn, perhaps learned to had been not taken an examination of; This is industry attention.

The exam that entrust line of business (TOEIC) : Chicken ribs, having is better than doing not have; Did not groom, just take an exam, the enterprise does not catch a cold.

Brief summary: 46 class letter is the vitallest, other having is better than notting have; As to spoken language, the key watchs the show when interview.

NO.2: Computer certificate

Office operation is basic technical ability, do not need certificate.

Countrywide computer 2 class certificate: When big city applies for registered permanent residence, some are used, requirement, be like Shanghai.

Still have 3 in addition class and 4 class.

Other be like: ACCP, MCSA, CCNA, and the certificate of special skill computer with various items, as specific as future labour elect is relevant, not be every enterprise can be valued, know these letter even.

Our statistic information of about 50 thousand invite applications for a job, the invite applications for a job of 18.6% mentioned the computer in information, but allude of particular letter less than 0.1% . More descriptions are ambiguous, for example: “ is engaged in Java process designing two years experience ”“ perfect computer operates ” . To a lot of classmates, if from big 2 begin to learn Java, can calculate to big the four seasons make 3 years of experience.

About computer technical ability all sorts of grooming a lot of, but the certificate that is agreed with by the enterprise is not much however, the key looks to handle mastery of a skill or technique actually.

NO.3: School diploma

Include: Cadre of fellowship certificate, 3 good students, outstanding graduate, outstanding student waits

Fellowship letter is very vital, the GPA of all sorts of complex algorithm that some HR see do not know everybody to give out, but look to whether have fellowship, have probably impression. Fellowship certificate is labelled to choose the requirement of resume by a lot of enterprises, without fellowship, do not have interview opportunity.
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