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Duty field person most find new job 4 kinds when abstain from
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Through thinking calmly, can make you more rational when choose course of study not only, still can help you face official of be in charge of an examination in the calm when interview, nature gets a satisfactory job easily. Duty field personage most find new job 4 kinds when abstain from.

Duty field personage most find new job 4 kinds when abstain from

One, change his profession at will, follow tide blindly.

Neither one industry is forever popular. Take no account of oneself special skill and interest, although apply for a success, also hard long. What is more,the rather that every time line feed must be made from the novice, knowledge and experience are accumulated hard, become the person above average of the industry very hard also. If arrived 40 years old to still be done not have,develop in a certain industry give a world, so find new job obtain employment will become harder. Here reminds numerous this year's graduates even, do not abandon oneself major easily, after all study sth in order to apply it person do something one knows well, relatively easy begin gets the person that be not major much. Change his profession at will mean without professional target, have development hard.

2, do not add an analysis, blind believe what one hears.

According to statistic, making an appointment with those who have 50% to find new job is to seek high pay. Can let compensation through finding new job last step are good admittedly, but find new job for 89,appear too cursory. A lot of intermediary or company are in now invite applications for a job when it is good to say so that spend good paddy, but the ability after the job discovers,be cheated. Make a text on ” of “ yearly salary for instance, in “ the “ on 4 gold ” pounds paste ” to wait a moment, pattern 100, by no means an isolated case. To apply for a job person if do not add an analysis, can enter earthen jar easily. When some people are finding new job gaze at compensation, take no account of the long-term development of oneself, it is to the loss outweights the gain more. Blind believe what one hears person often meet find new job quickly again, enter vicious circle. The person that the enterprise thinks to get to apply for a job so works cursory, embarrassed use greatly.

3, personal feeling is in power, find new job blindly.

Some people are on bad terms because of a bit bagatelle and boss or colleague opinion merely, one paper of “ rests book ” , “ is hanged imprint and go ” . Such favor business does not go high where commonly, lack communication ability and group spirit more, changed an environment to have hard also as, turn over easy the mockery that makes old unit staff. The enterprise also does not wish commonly invite applications for a job.

4, be eager to hope for success, blind is entered busy piece.

Almost everybody hopes to be able to get quickly promoting to a high office in the job. Having ambition is good, but be eager to begging achievement washed-up. The person that be eager to hope for success often ” of “ more haste,less speed. A human affairs that ever had worked in golden trade edifice tells the author, golden trade edifice is rising finally go to what the high level runs the place to be not at the outset ability most overmatch, can insist to keep last person however. Experience and ability need accumulate over a long period. Come to new environment, light is to obtain leader and all round colleague self-identity is not things, the acquisition of rising opportunity needs patience more. Accordingly, contemporary success learns more depending on to think to succeed affection business and adversity business, the intelligence quotient on meaning of tradition of and rather than. Want an ability of latent capacity translate into, position of actual strength translate into, avoid by all means is eager to hope for success, find new job often, besides good business values the faithfulness of employee to spend quite commonly, find new job often it is big fear also.
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