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How should female to apply for a job answer sensitive issue?
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Problem one, the contradiction that you think to existing to mediate hard between family and career?

This is an old issue, also be a difficult problem. Nature of unit of invite applications for a job hopes you are attached most importance to with the career very much, but also hope you have a happy and perfect family. “ backyard not ” of be on fire, ability can make the person does not have trouble back at home, center energy to do the work, ability play gives your clever ability. Apparent, existence contradicts harmonicly hard between direct answer career and family or put in contradiction far from, it is improper. Suggest you reply so: “ no matter still be on the job in the family,I think, the biggest target of the female is to should make he lives valuably. Although I am one wants to confirm the his ability, person that reflects living sense through the job very much, but the farmhouse woman that who can say to those photograph husband godchild train an undergraduate, doctoral student lives so that there is value? ” replies so, can proper body reveals the feature of aid of the female's peculiar firm soft posture.

Problem 2, you how look upon marry at a mature age, late childbirth

Do not think this problem and job are done not have how old and associated. You are decent to this answer, may matter to you directly apply for whether through. Invite applications for a job person raise this question, it is to want to know you to support what attitude on the job and birth concern issue. It why is female to apply for a job compared generally is difficult why is female to apply for a job compared generally? This is one of crucial point. Bear evening marriage, late for the job, be hope of place of unit of choose and employ persons of course, but if was done so really, be afraid also can make a person generate doubt: One connects the person that the child need not want, if have other interest drive again, can abandon everything, include her to once worked proudly for it?

“ everybody hopes fish and bear's paw can hold concurrently, when both cannot get at the same time, inside period of time I can choose the job, because have a good job, education child can have more solid economy base in the future. I think total meeting has appropriate when let my both hold concurrently ” . Reply so, can remind boss to still give you to staying original seat when you give birth to the child to rest really probably, and do not let others replace.

Problem 3, of the assuming that faces boss want, how can you do?

Female secretary of invite applications for a job, often can ask about this kind of topic. Answer this kind of question, best and a few more euphemistic: You put forward “ this problem, I am very obliged, this explains the high level of expensive unit leads the person that is on the up-and-up. Do not hide the truth from you to say, I ever had worked period of time in a company, read aloud because of what the boss removed assuming namely, I ability anger and of abdication, and in at the outset the just when their invite applications for a job did not ask about this problem. Two-phase is compared, I can apply for if into expensive unit, not be Lv of exhaust of career exhaust essence without reason. ” of this lady respondent say with respect to can essence of life is wonderful, clever clever answering “ how to should do ” directly, over the base that because that is,builds what there is ” assuming in boss “ to want. What demonstrate him attitude however through an example is determined, the person that did not let inquiry again is embarrassed. Although new boss has the idea of lapidation ask the way truly, in the future also won't fribble.
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