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What high pay a group of things with common features face unemployed crisis?
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Talent of a few high pay had been faced with potential profession to develop the crisis.

High pay talent is the person above average on duty field, ; of envy making a person but the victory of the person that above average is temporary, they also can encounter the crisis. In fact, as the duty field requirement to high-end talent rise ceaselessly, talent of a few high pay had been faced with potential profession to develop the crisis.

High pay a group of things with common features is panicky, you whether also amid ……

The high pay position of technical content on the low side is like human affairs manager, administration director, advanced secretary to wait, level of its high pay is before some the child of year of bubble economy, also be before some gross of year of the talent on duty field slant the person that the personnel; that the working for example with the; taller repeatability that little reason causes pursues settlement of exchange, only evidence in certain bank masters the high pay of onefold skill only if; of the person that computer programmer, interpreter waits for the high pay of position, the complexity that dropped the job greatly, risk is spent and difficulty, certain and financial manager, production manager, storage manager, qualitative in maintaining the position such as the manager originally a very complex line process is replaced by computer stage by stage although; is right for the high pay gens in be in the domain of new and high technology with technical higher content, be washed out likely also without advanced core technology. If broke away from an enterprise,pay takes the professional husband of 20 thousand, can be the job of same salary found certainly on on-the-job field?

Which kinds of high pay a group of things with common features is facing unemployed crisis?

Face unemployment- - the person of competition ability of professional technology lack

Case: Miss Li the year before last year is invited to be advanced secretary by high pay of a business, this makes her close friends be envied greatly, it is good to also make herself complacent long. But, the economic benefits of the enterprise does not have very big promotion in nearly two years, general manager also reduces needless expenditure in the consideration. The pay of Miss Li dropped accordingly many, temporarily mentally is accepted very hard. Besides the secretary, she also does not have other what specialty, feel professional crisis has come gradually.

★ analysis: Miss Li becomes high pay gens to have fair chance, cause below specific market demand, this kind of demand is not stable actually. Her professional technology content is not high, do not have other special skill again, once market demand produces a change, because lack,can answer ability and bring about social status to be not protected. Accordingly, professional person should notice the market that analyses position grows prospect, see today's demand also wants to develop posture to estimate the state tomorrow according to it already, and because of the person appropriate ground accumulates new professional competition ability, become passive to be active, so once the environment produces change, can strong answer, become adverse to be advantageous, find new professional point of growth next.
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