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Field of duty of achievement of 6 great secret of success is wonderful life
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Working however is the very important one part in our life, if go to work,did not have interest, the life often also lacks energy. How to do, can ability look for the brilliant state of mind on the job?

The job wants wonderful, must find enthusiasm first, look for a passion, also not be tickler again

A few days ago the lad that in the chance encounter on the road a for a long time disappears, ask he is latter but good? His shrug: “ works to do not have interest very much recently, the step that goes to work everyday is more and more serious, these two days are thinking, it is to should go, should still stay? ”

Hum, go to work don't have interest? Do in business circles groom old, often hear a lot of people to give out same deep feeling. The first day goes to work, excited and unusual; Go to work however today, painful however unceasingly. The time is long, the job became dry pronoun it seems that, also mix again happy, wonderful touch not above.

One, find working sense

I know a teacher of elementary school mathematics, he teachs maths 30 years, if be squeezed into his classroom, you can see he grey-haired greets sb cheerly with children: “ hey, I am your mathematical demon, what should teach everybody 1 1 today is magical! ” his happy to dance, extremely happy. Be like a day 30 years, if be being told every year actually same, taught content is identical also, happy still however clinking. Ask him among them secret, he says: “ is very simple, to me this may be N second, but be opposite for children, this is their first time. ” uses the client's angle, will unscramble oneself job. You can discover, oneself N second, still can make a person excited like first time.

Too marvellous! The job wants wonderful, must find enthusiasm first. And passion is to come from at the affirmation to working meaning. Want so wonderful, the great sense that did not forget to think oneself job can arise to others, look for a passion, also not be tickler again.

2, easy pressing, make the job more wonderful

A lot of people have deep love for his job, pass because of pressure however big, let working mood change insensibly form. In this moment, clever person can adjust his press press mood, let working rhythm have have quickly slow, ability creates wonderful working performance.

You perhaps can say, “ job is busy came nevertheless, which come does time go easy pressing? ” restores and loosen do not need too much time actually. Give you a few good proposals: Although the work is heavy, we still can master a few finely time intermediate to help him easy press. E.g. , bury head keep layout record, stand up on the road that goes pouring a cup of tea between boiled water, can do a “ to walk buddhist ” . Very simple, rein in speed, go attentively experiencing the instantly that oneself walk, go very dedicatedly walking, you are doing buddhist namely.

Master this principle, can do “ to walk on foot in the office buddhist ” , have a meal midday can do “ to have a meal buddhist ” , spend on 5 minutes to do deep breathing at any time additionally, relaxation exercise, can help you desertion the mood rubbish on the job, capable once more enthusiastic and insurgent.
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