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Sale grooms the appearance that does not flow at gaudy only is flashy
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1. the person with the most arrogant find oneself----Financial department employee. Father not ask for help, everybody begs father! Then, excrement of this side dog people be being dragged so that be like oneself every day is Immanuel the one's great benefactor that is other employee is same, be arrogant! Super ox! 100% oxen! My work is so great had not seen not arrogant finance affairs really, this side person is in a company actually is work in the same placing dare be displeased least of all, but more most let a person look down on, a flock of people with human the poorest relationship, of course, observe according to me, also be a kind of person with divorce top rate.

2. has shrewdness to have the person of calculation most most----Employee of manpower resource department. Everyday the job is how calculate produces what exchange the biggest redound with the smallest price to offer to please a boss, who to see not how is pleasing to the eye with respect to calculate of try every means the bird person that assessment, firewood proposes a toast bonus allocation respect gives him give sb tight shoes to wear-make things hard for sb by abusing one's power.

3. intelligence quotient the person with highest affection the poorest trade----Employee of department of research and development. The technology is excellent, for person wood patch up. Appear on the stage to make a speech 3 minutes to be not done give a word to come, to the leader report job does not have a half hour manage not to give build mood to come stutteringly. A flock of bogus that the enterprise is medium best managing intellectual, can be exploited by random, basically won't revolt, perhaps had done not have mutinous consciousness.

4. most careless and casual and shameless person----Sell ministry stuff. Bosses the origin of fortune, bosses consider a flock of people of flattery most, this group of people also are the public praise inside the most shameless company actually the poorest however a flock of people with human the most harmonious relationship. Every day of careless and casual come to a company declare to, dally with downstage, call with a gang of scoundries, did not arrive to begin to consider at 10 o'clock look for excuse to go out pay a formal visit client, sleep to become aware greatly in the home namely afternoon actually, begin one day in the evening most insanity and most the life of sexual blessing. Although,do not pass shameless, but because its are smooth and slick, see the person says person word, absurd says lie, be in a company instead go-between predestined relationship is best.

5. most the person with duplicity the dirtiest heart----Purchase department employee. Install grandchildren before the boss every day, install simple minded before the colleague every day, any office politics of the company never are participated in, conscientiously, the job that subcelestial spare no effort ignores like Pekinese, willing ox is worn. Actually this helps a person, the the most sensitive, most corrupt, become company profit least of all one and the same, eating boiler is looked at in the bowl in is the business that does not pass normally again, you think they are frank really, not corrupt really? Boss you reduce his salary the half tries, see him still do not work? Ah, salary, to them, drizzle just, although evermore had the complaint of more surface.
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