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Occupational not TV newspaper is occupational Internet
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Everybody cannot ignore propagandist force, of politicize, be in business do a business, small business butcher seeks living, do not be in charge of this thing to be able to make what appearance first, this propaganda work is so certain that do then. Just some agronomy making work give birth to athletic ” , some calling wide and the ” that accuse, commonner feature is cry out ” , as to transmission channel, have call mouthpiece ” , some to call media ” , mouthpiece of media assimilate to, what publicize battlefront it is thus clear that is important.

Speak of media, transmit agency namely actually, mention this, have to sigh with emotion the inspiration that if the instant like the talent bursts forth,that wonderful originality mixes a lot of powerful people, in this respect, date from rises, have the case of the most precocious result of account, want to mention a between bright last years of a dynasty or reign senior talented person, man of the time Comrade Li Zicheng is in bright end to be stranded to count day when within an inch of is finished, eventually with 50 ride dash forward come out, entered Henan. Want to say this Central Plains also calculates ground of his a blessing, because he encountered a person,be above all, and this individual is crucial to him.

This person is that senior talented person, native place: Henan (Henan fellow-townsman is OK spurt of Gu spurt Gu) name: Li Yan sexual distinction: Male

This person is senior ” , be in high which? Of troubled times year Central Plains famine due to crop failures is serious, class contradiction is exceeding and acerb. Can discover this and can not call advanced ” , estimation has a lot of anger blueness at that time people discovered this. Truly tall is, he is a foundation with contradiction of this one society, for the boss the gentleman did Li Zicheng successfully to be packed importantly, push this product ” that is close to hopeless situation to Na Haohan's market thereby. This is rolled out never mind, just like still take a kindling material in dry firewood, the situation with set the prairie ablaze lets conflagration Li Zicheng this character stage a comeback.

The first his ablaze appear even if wrote an advertisement speech: Greet enter king, long to enter king, enter Wang Lai not pay provisions. Advertisement word is to be thought out, can go to which dozens this advertisement, let its transmission go out? TV? Without, newspaper, without Too, then, he took aim the poor child that frolics in a flock of villages, again then, people discovery, often have in the village sell itinerant peddler shoulder to carry groceries to carry, occupied do not have a thing to always be gone to the go for a walk in the village, shaking in the hand a rattle-drum, children hear sound to go, surround into a circlet, see this person sees only came group of children, the face shows a smile, put down goods to carry, from inside drew out tens of lollipop (guessed) , tell children, they should learn a song that he teachs only, these lollipop in the hand are theirs, candy eats, have vocal, buoyant learns children ran away. That person stands up child, expression is abysmal.
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