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The profession of 10 yocks the dead is used to
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Wife and husband come home together, the wife closes the door into the door. The husband knocks at the same time cry at the same time: “ opens the door, open the door, I had not gone in, oh! ” does the wife of the bus-conductor to say: Does “ make a noise is what noisy? Sit down!

Director Zhang receives some bureau suddenly an urgent telegram newspaper. Text is: The mother dies, father is sick into death, look fast return. Read finish, director Zhang is overwhelmed with sorrow, the edge cries to be answered in cable by the side of sign on sheet. The postman has been received time onefold look, it is “ agrees with ” unexpectedly 2 words

A tourist takes taxi go on a tour. Go up on the way he pats the shoulder that pats a driver, want to ask a thing, did not think of to be frightened so that chaos of ” calls driver “ . “ , I am sorry, did not think of to be able to frighten you. Apology of ” his newspaper. “ is irrespective, small misunderstanding. ” driver, I just opened “ today taxi, past open catafalque me all the time. ”

Announcer of news of some place TV station is broadcasting newspaper news, at this moment a piece of scrip sends him before, he takes scrip to say chronically: The information that this stage just received is below “ . ” opens scrip to read then rise: “ salesmans, there is on your front tooth spinach leaf ……”

One police hunts one day with the friend together, suddenly, he saw a sika, then, he circles its back stealthily, raise a gun, cry aloud: “ must not be moved, raise a hand to come, otherwise I shot! ”

There are two mosquitoes in mosquito-curtain, drink only full abdomen, a stomach is empty, the wife lets hit mosquito when the husband of inquisitor, marital skill is uncommon, one palm pats that dead to be drunk only full fat mosquito of blood, and be opposite another not to do it tardy however, the wife asks why he is hit, the man says: “ evidence is insufficient. ”

Ad firm works overtime is commonplace, every can hear many colleagues to call at 6 o'clock to afternoon come home, the announcement carries lamp night fighting again in the evening, cannot come home had a meal. Listening to always feel the acid in the heart is acerbity aside. But have bout, a work in the same placing that becomes father calls come home, let a person feel sweet however interesting: “ is fed, are you tornado small flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct? You follow female preterhuman say, inapproachable Tie Jingang does not reply a peach-shaped thing of be a vegatarian for religious reasons of beautiful fruit hill today, do obeisance to! ”

A doleful man bought a centipede, put in box inner tube to come home. Await a bit, he thinks and this new friend takes a walk together, knock knock a box to say: “ is fed, young man, do we go? ”

The box does not have noise. Passed a little while, the man knocks a box to say again: Does “ go out to had taken a walk? ” centipede still did not answer antrum. He decides to ask finally, stick the face on the box to cry then: “ is fed, do you have interest to take a walk? Faint sound transmits eventually in ” box: When you call “ me for the first time, I heard, me busy move wears shoe! ”
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