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The phone sells skill 5 points: Pole is swept past carve Chang of crop failure o
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As the development of market economy, more and more enterprises serve as the tool of the sale with the phone. Can be in real sale work, a lot of phone salespersons won't make sale telephone call, often the very optional opportunity that desertioned the business clinchs a deal. So how to master good telephone call to sell skill to make good sale telephone call?

Above all, phone salesperson can rely on “ hearing ” to go only all response that “ sees ” permits a client judge a sale way is right, no less, accurate client also cannot see the limbs language of phone salesperson, countenance in the phone, the sound that accurate client can lend his place to hear only and the message that its deliver will judge his to whether like this salesperson, whether can trust this individual, decide to whether continue this communicates process. Next, if do not have method to let,the client allows to feel inside 20~30 second in the process that the phone sells have fun at, accurate client may be stopped at any time communicate, because they do not like to waste time to hear a few things that have nothing to do with oneself, unless this electrify word lets them,generate some kind of profit. So, best sale process is the time that phone salesperson says 1/3, and the time that lets allow a client to say 2/3, do so can maintain good two-way communication pattern.

Recommend below phone sale skill gave authority at 5 o'clock:

The phone sells skill the 1st point, phone purpose is clear.

We are very much salesperson, think seriously far from before call, also do not organize a language, the result hits a phone to just discover this saying word did not say, this achieved sale goal was not achieved. For instance: The potential client that I should give one each personal product calls, my purpose lets the other side understand my product more through telephone communication namely, organic meeting buys my product. Had this objective, I give the most compendious product introduction language with respect to meeting design, introduce the function of the product and price again according to the need of the other side next. Leave the impression of next profundity finally to the other side, so that reach sale goal. So, use phone sale must the purpose is clear.

The phone sells skill the 2nd point, mood wants smooth, spit a word to want clarity, the language wants concise.

Because the member that have a lot of sales fears to be rejected, take a telephone call nervous, mood hurriedly, language fast too fast, say a word not clear, these metropolises affect the communication of you and the other side. I often receive the sale telephone call that makes, sign up for name of not clear company, say not to ask a product, also do not clear one's purpose in coming, be forced to refuse. Make clear namely sometimes his one's purpose in coming, be about to spend a few minutes, be able to bear or endure again strength allows his introduction, what are result or not clear product after all? So, when the phone is sold, must make oneself mood smooth, it is clear to let the other side listen what are you saying, had better want to tell standard mandarin. The language wants as far as possible concise, must accentuate when respecting product mood, want to cause the client's attention.
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