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Do big commodity to promote have skill: of ∩ of boat of dirty sleep of coil up
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The sale that makes big commodity sale skill makes good goods works, those who achieve beneficial result is the biggest changing is the thing that each terminal client longs for day and night, however, want to achieve this one goal, must want move ideas, the good work that missing “ sky to drop pasty ” , in day-to-day management work, want to use certain sale skill, win customer approbate, ability is harvested somewhat.

One, attract a customer

Common saying says: Somebody enrages ability to money is enraged. Control guest flow effectively, attract consumer to stop in bar, ability causes their interest to achieve the goal of the sale, because this wants to realize the first element of the sale,not be how to sell goods, however how is gather together person enraged, create momentum of a kind of sale, what just can do beneficial result of big sale, implementation is the biggest change. Attract a customer, the consumptive state of mind that is about to beg retail clientele to study a client in daily management activity and shopping psychology, raise explanation, guide buy skill, the originality that passes a kind of individuation will build good sale atmosphere, draw consumer look.

2, carry out chooses the place

A place of good carry out spot is the crucial place that makes big sale. And this also is terminal client a bit of easy negligence, “ wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child the consumptive demand of the seasonable sex that the concept of sale carry out of deep ” cannot have satisfied customer far, convenience sex. Accordingly, in commodity scientific sex must be paid attention to when putting, undertake differentiating according to category, of facilitating consumer search, cannot messy and without foreword, lost the business chance of the sale so likely. Big to sale, the commodity with turnover rapid rate, the gold that must be put in the sale locally, specific have: The front of straight face passageway, such consumer should enter the door to perhaps be outside the door only can a place sees; Still have an entrance door next before two side and counter, it is the place that person discharge centers quite, these positions should be applied only proper, had crucial effect to the sale of commodity.

3, commodity is displayed

In day-to-day management work, the product to bar displays a lot of retail clientele to lack scientific and sound program, some are unconscionable ground is put at will even. Actually, the element that decides the product on bar goods shelves puts a structure has a lot of, the commodity of a group of individuation displays the view that can attract customer not only, and also can dash forward the individual character that shows ware, achieve the buys a desire goal of exciting consumer.

Accordingly, when commodity is displayed, must according to actual condition, excogitate optimal put way. Because the client is in the process that contacts a product, not be all instant contact, the contact with feeling view is below particular case, so, of commodity optimal display the position to make the same score the inspected intermediate place that is in ark face in consumer eye commonly. Be accessary article next display, do not want to be placed in disorder everywhere, more cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, affect the line of vision that consumer observes, can nod only till, achieved outstanding sale theme to go.
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