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Do 30 towards the left take duty field does Or go right?
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To a lot of and those who stand year for handler, if lay a target in order to go after easy and comfortable and comfortable life humanness, that simply stands fast existing condition OK. But if want to experience different life is wonderful, realize the leap of another kind of life, so likely everything should begin from the beginning again. On 30 years old of this life col, the profession develops this towards the left or right?

The psychology of a handler of 30 years old of professions is bemused

The assistant inspector general of public concern department that Fu Jianhai of 30 years old is an estate group. He is not make in the basic level of real estate at the beginning, however become a monk late in life.

Fu Jianhai is in weak point the unboiled water that get wind is made inside a few years, your whole industry is looked at with new eyes to him. Company general manager has to his accredit more add.

No matter be measured from which lay angle, finish school is only Fu Jianhai of 6 years has been a person that succeed undoubtedly: Have rich and generous income, the room has a car, still having cannot the samite future of set limit to. But to Fu Jianhai character, inner contradiction always is perplexing him however.

After this company works a few years, when working passion begins to drop, fu Jianhai just discovers, he and this company culture of the company are antipathetic.

On working style, the employee in the company is used to already slowly working way, favorable welfare treatment and system safeguard make they lose crisis consciousness basically, doing a business is to be able to procrastinate, this makes work the Fu Jianhai of exquisite efficiency, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning is very helpless.

And more those who make Fu Jianhai afflictive is, deeper than him, length of service compares a lot of qualifications and record of service in the company his senior staff, they look at Fu Jianhai to be in short number inside year such view, the heart begins to feel lopsided, they are made intentionally on the job stumble, it is more and more difficult to make Fu Jianhai's job is carried out.

The aeriform pressure on duty field resembles a piece of net, fu Jianhai more and more feel exhaustion of body and mind, rich and generous wage income cannot stroke the depression of smooth heart and trouble more and more.

Be in in accidental opportunity, fu Jianhai encountered Yuan Hao of him college fellow student. After graduation, yuan Hao worked two years in a company later, a bit more recumbent the saving acts as agent some DVD product, through a few years dozen go all out, company rapid development expands, capital and actual strength went up a step. Develop to future, yuan Hao was full of look forward to with passion. Yuan Hao admires Fu Jianhai's talent all along, invite one of removing to do poineering work to the utmost. “ poineering stand or fall is to be his to work, gain and loss is total by oneself, why bother is in people corporation 5 fight rice and stoop to compromise? ”
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