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4 kinds big " duty field common fault "
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One, devoid job is enthusiastic


Can be about the same 10 years, rose still is place footfall. The forms for reporting statistics of day after day, number makes the working enthusiasm of Rose one day less than a day, to the level that reached to be tired of simply later. The forms for reporting statistics that sees caboodle go up in him desk feels to have a headache, be agitated, in the office Rose always is a pair of lackadaisical appearance, what to do to be carried do not have interest. The psychosis of this kind of small blown away by wind affected her working quality severely. Boss has erred from time to time for her recently the thing that repeats do poorly done work over again put forward to warn to her. Him Rose also feels to often go down so, have to is depressed disease cannot, but 10 years duplicate work, true her originally dash, fight and enthusiasm bad news is smooth, and litre of job that the classmate before her rises job, go abroad go abroad, arrive went before her. How to do? Continue to spend oneself life on the job that cannot see prospect in this?

Comment on:

The duty field that this is a model is listless phenomenon. Generally speaking duty field is listless incidental go up in this kind of person: Year in year out duplicates same job, lose new move. How is common fault of free of this kind of duty solved? Specific and character cent is two kinds of circumstances:

One of, if your itself suits such job, and this job itself also has proper development perspective, so not small talk abandons. Oneself establish a goal to oneself, pose a challenge. Same job, the effectiveness for a given period of time that you seek is different, the position when the job is different also. Establish new target to oneself, can find working power not only, still can make oneself ability rises quickly. In addition, establish the goal of development. The Rose with this for instance medium case, be like a day 10 years, because did not raise the target of development to oneself,very old rate is. If she can as soon as possible gives him to make a program, him requirement accomplishs financial officer inside proper time, financial perhaps manager, be this target come true and go charging ceaselessly, take an examination of of all kinds certificate, believe she won't be immersed in a profession now listless. Anyhow, establish a goal to oneself ceaselessly, raise taller requirement, it is to overcome duty to grow listless efficient way namely, it is the premise that achieves durative progress more.

The 2nd kind of circumstance is your itself does not suit present job. Always very easy generation is tired of the job that did not have fun at to oneself. This moment should give him to make clear fixed position first, see oneself suit to develop toward that direction. Professional fixed position can seek advice from an orgnaization to special profession, the evaluation that makes them professional and elder expert wish your a helping hand. Tendency of the interest that combines oneself, ability seeks accurate profession fixed position, meet you bring a new professional spring.
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